Georgetown Wooden Boat Show Part 1 - Saturday - October 15, 2011

Nancy here: 
I am really late getting this blog posted.  Bill had this written a week ago. I have no real good excuse, but I have two to try. 

Excuse one: We now have a computer doing our work schedules and it has me scheduled all kinds of crazy hours.  I am having trouble adjusting to not having a routine in my work-life;o))  Just kinda out of sorts;o((

Excuse two: Just so many great pictures I had trouble narrowing it down to the large number I will be posting ;o))  In fact, there are so many that I will breaking the blog into two parts!!

PART  ONE – Before and After the Boat Show

Nancy and I woke up to a beautiful morning with the temperature about 60 degrees and no wind or rain. We got on our bikes and took a 15 mile ride before the wind started to pick up. Talk about a perfect morning for a bike ride!00 -Bill on Bike

We enjoyed the Halloween decorations our neighbors had on display.00a -Decorations00b -Decorations

Even Mother Nature had her Vultures and Moon out!00c -Natural Decorations

After our ride, Nancy made us fruit drinks and we made plans to go to the Wooden Boat Show in Georgetown. Georgetown is about 20 – 25 miles south of our house.

Crossing the bridge into Georgetown01 - Driving to Georgetown - Bridges

We were heading to the Historic Waterfront for the show.01 - Driving to Georgetown - Waterfront Sign

The show was all along Front Street and the Harbor Walk.

Click on any photo to enlarge.

Map of Georgetown Historic District01a - Georgetown Map

Parking was not available along the streets,
so we headed to East Bay Park along Wynyah Bay.01 - Driving to Georgetown - Winyah Bay

There was a small farmers market going on
at East Bay Park when we arrived.
  01 - Driving to Georgetown - Parking at East Bay Park

After we parked, we walked down River Street through
this beautiful canopy of Live Oak Trees to get to Front Street.02a - Walking to Downtown - Live Oaks

We continued on past the commercial marina
where we saw this Shrimping Boat.02b - Walking to Downtown - Shrimp Boats

As we turned onto Meeting Street to get to Front Street, we saw this relic.
02f - Walking to Downtown - Noah's Arc with Sails
Doesn’t it look like Noah’s Arc with sails!

Now for an unexpected surprise.  We have never walked the street of Georgetown before.  Little did we know that there were so many beautiful restored homes. Most of the homes we saw were built around 1900.

Our walked down Front Street to the show
took a little longer than we thought it might;o))03a - Walking to Downtown - Historic House Lions03b - Walking to Downtown - Historic House Curved Porch03c - Walking to Downtown - Historic House Restored03d4 - Walking to Downtown - Perry Cleland HouseWhile we certainly enjoyed seeing these beautiful homes, we really are not interested in all the work and money
it takes to maintain them ;o))

Just before we reached the boat show, we saw this Pirate
explaining something to these tourists!
03e - Walking to Downtown - Maritime Museum Pirate

Here is the start of the boat show on Front Street.04 - Front Street - Boat Show

Part two of this blog will be all the photos of the Boat Show. 

So fast forward through the boat show and
we are heading back to our car at East Bay Park.

Back down the other side of Front Street to see more beautiful homes.06 - Walking Back - Bill other side of road06a - Walking Back - Two pretty houses06b - Walking Back - 1908 love the gate and walk06d - Walking Back - 1905  Nancy's Favorite Front

Then one more beautiful tree lined street
before we get to East Bay Park. 
We walked right down the middle of the street
 to truly enjoy their canopy!!
06e - Walking Back - Live Oaks Walking in middle of street

We got our car and headed to Morgan Park on Wynyah Bay for lunch.06g - Walking Back - East Bay Park  Car and Party

At the entrance to Morgan Park was a plaque
dedicating the park to William Doyle Morgan.
 08 -lunch - Morgan Park Sign

Heading out to the picnic area on Wynyah Bay.08a -lunch - Bill walking to picnic area08b -lunch - Bill approaching the waterfront

Beautiful spot to enjoy our late lunch!!08c -lunch - Bill  eating lunch08d -lunch - Boat heading to Georgetown

As we headed back to the car,
we saw lots of boats and boat houses along the water.08e -lunch - Bridge over salt marsh

Driving out of Georgetown,
just one more beautiful tree lined street :o))09 - driving home
What a great day!!
We will certainly make it a point to come back and
see the show if we are around here next year.
A nice surprise for a small local show!

Nancy Here:
The real surprise is that you saw none of the boat show.
Hope to get that posted soon....promise ;o))


  1. Love the live oaks but those low limbs can be tough on an rv.

  2. I understand completely your work/no work schedule. It's hard to be retired (and not get into trouble...).

    Those homes are really beautiful, but I wouldn't want to keep them up, either. I'm having enough trouble with the one I own now and it's at least 100 years newer.

  3. I love those big old historic houses! They're fantastic to look at and tour. I then just imagine all the work and money required to maintain one and I, happily, go back to Lucy :)

  4. The houses are gorgeous! Lovely to look at but we still prefer our little home on wheels! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Have to say how much I sympathize with having the human element taken out of your work scheduling. Computers, in my opinion, haven't made our lives better just more complicated.

    Those tree lined streets are just gorgeous. I too loved looking at the homes and really appreciate all the work "someone else" went to. :-)

    Looks like you had a great day. What a beautiful area you two live in with things like this just around the corner.

  6. Georgetown is beautiful and you had a perfect spot for lunch!!