Georgetown Wooden Boat Show–Saturday Part 2 - October 15, 2011

Nancy here:  Be sure to go back and check out Part 1 of this post about our day before and after the Wooden Boat Show.
Nancy took a ton of pictures of the show. Live bands were performing and food tents were set up everywhere so you could eat and drink while viewing the boats. We even bought Nancy a long-sleeved T-shirt with the wooden boat show emblazoned on the back. We spent a couple of hours admiring the craftsmanship of the boats and strolling along the waterfront.

04c - Front Street - Old Time Canoe

The smaller boats were on trailers along both sides of Front Street.

04d - Front Street - Small Sale Boat

If you were interested in restoring an old wooden boat,
here is one just waiting to look beautiful again!!04f2 - Front Street - Boat to restore sign04f - Front Street - Boat to restore

While I wasn’t interested in restoring an old motorboat,
this Strip-Built Sea Kayak sure caught my attention!!
04g - Front Street - Strip Built Kayak Sign

What a BEAUTIFUL kayak!!
04g - Front Street - Strip Built Sea Kayak
(Be sure to click on any photo to enlarge!)

This booth demonstrated knot tying.
You could give it a try if you were interested.04e - Front Street - Knot Tieing

Look at the finish on this early cabin cruiser. 
Many of the boats look like they have never been in the water. 
However, the owners assured us they are used regularly and
just ‘shined’ up for the show!!
04h - Front Street - Wooden Cabing Cruiser

One of the highlights of the show is the
wooden ship building competition. Each team is given
the same plans and materials. 
 04i2 - Front Street - Boat Building Plan

They have 5 hours to build an actual floatable wooden boat.
After they build the boats they have to launch them in the harbor
 to make sure they are seaworthy.

The huge tent was so crowded we didn’t go in,
but watched from the sidelines.
04i - Front Street - Boat Building Contest 
The judging was at 5 pm, so we would not be around to see who wins.

The winner gets a spot in the
2012 National Wooden Ship Building Competition.

How about this beautiful canoe and unique paddles?!?!04j - Front Street - Canoe

Next was Nancy’s favorite.  A Canoe with pontoons!!

Front View
04k - Front Street - Canoe with Pontoons

Back View
04k2 - Front Street - Canoe with Pontoons
I know there are nautical terms for front and back,
but you know what I mean ;o))

You could rock that young sailor in this
Baby Cradle Boat!
04l - Front Street - Wooden Boat Cradle

(Be sure to click any photo to enlarge!!)

Another of our show favorites was “Miss Ellie.”04m3 - Front Street - Wooden Steam Launch Ellie sign
04m - Front Street - Wooden Steam Launch Ellie04m2 - Front Street - Wooden Steam Launch Ellie front
I know I have never seen a steam powered wooden boat before!!

I got a chance to talk with the builder of this Strip-Built Kayak. 
This one wasn’t quite finished.
This fellow built one for his wife and now
was building this one for himself. 
Apparently, he could not keep up with his wife’s kayak ;o)) 
04n - Front Street - Bill talking to Kayak Builder
He said it takes approximately 80 hours to build one. 
Since he only works on it as a hobby, it takes him
about 3-4 months to complete one.

Here is the last of the smaller boats on Front Street.04o - Front Street - Bill looking at Cabin Cruiser 
We have probably seen more than 100 boats already and
we haven’t seen the big ones yet ;o))

So, off to the Harborwalk!!

05 - Harborwalk - Entrance

This was the first boat we saw in the water. 
A real simple wood boat.
However, we had seen this boat before. 
We followed it as it was towed down
the highway to Georgetown ;o)
05a - Harborwalk - Boat we followed to Georgetown

Next a beautiful wooden sailboat!!
05b - Harborwalk - Sailboat

A couple of older sailboats.
05c - Harborwalk -  Older Sailboats

The Harborwalk is a beautiful area. 
There are condos and restaurants lining the walkway.
  05e - Harborwalk -  View East toward Walkway

The harbor was jammed full of boats. 
Difficult to figure out how they got so many boats in this harbor!!05f - Harborwalk -  Boats Everywhere

Not all the boats in the harbor were wooden. 
However there were several and they were open for viewing.05g2 - Harborwalk -  Larger Wooden Boats

(Be sure to click any photo to enlarge!)

05h - Harborwalk -  Old Shrimp Boats
The Shrimp Boats that usually occupy this harbor had been
moved out of the way to make room for the show.

Here is a fun remake of an old wooden boat!! 05i - Harborwalk -  Bahama Mama

Well, we saw most of the boats and now the
crowds were getting very heavy.
  05k - Harborwalk -  Busy Harborwal
That is an immediate signal for us to be moving on ;o))

We were so impressed with the workmanship
that goes in to building or restoring these beautiful boats. 
It was a wonderful way to spend a Saturday afternoon. 
We will be back next year if we are in the area!!


  1. That's amazing! I love workmanship on boats, but I hate being in one on the water. lol What a great post!!!

  2. Rick and I both love those wooden boats, but agree that they are more a work of art than boat. I'd never want to put one in the water! I'd be more likely to buy another house and hang one on the wall!!! :) They are magnificent!

  3. Great pictures! Love wooden boats-except the maintenance:)

  4. Love the wooden kayak! Maybe McGyver can make one when we are at his Mom's farm next summer! ;-)

  5. Looks like you had a great day. Dianne and I would have loved this. My favorite picture was of the kayak.

  6. I know David would love to build one of those wooden kayaks you saw. We talked with a woman kayaking in one when we were in ......well I don't remember for sure which paddle that was. I can picture it but can't remember. At least not in time to finish this comment. LOL

    The boat was gorgeous. And she said light and easy to paddle.

    We volunteer to go to the show with you IF any of us is in the area next year!!

    Great blog, great pictures.

  7. Great post. Beautiful craftsmanship in those boats.

  8. I spent many years around boats. While they are beautiful, they require way more work to maintain than an RV.

    You do know what the word boat means? Break Out Another Thou$and.

    I think I'll stick to inflatables... ;c)