Do We Feel Good ?!?! - Monday - October 24, 2011

Do we feel good!?!? 

I guess we should !

I just received an email from our realtor and I quote,

“I just spoke with the agent who showed your house on Friday. 
It is her people’s number 1 choice! 
However, they have to sell their home in Northern Virginia first. 
They are listing it this week. 
They hope yours is still available when theirs sells. 
She wasn’t sure how long their home would take to sell. 
I know that area is doing better than we are!” 

In the next paragraph our realtor goes on to say,

“The other showing Friday was also a buyer that needs to sell a house and
you were tops on his list as well. 
 I thought this was good news
(other than they can’t buy)
and hope it is an encouragement to you and Nancy!”

So there you go!! 

I guess we’re supposed to feel good
that we are the
  “Number  1  Choice!!” 

Hmmm, could it be that Paul and Marti in Northern Virginia
took one of their crazy long weekend trips
to visit our house with a realtor and make us feel so good;o)) 

Somehow the comment,
  “that they have a home to sell in Northern Virginia first”
put a big smile on our faces and made us think of you two.

Thanks for being such thoughtful house selling buddies;o)) LOL

Oh well, at least they were positive comments about the house. 
That is 20 great comments in a row but no offers.

We feel like we are the good looking chick
that every single guy is afraid to ask for a date!! 

I’m beginning to see a pattern…good looking but no offer!! 

Maybe if I dirty up the place a bit we will sell it.

Anyone that knows me will know that
there is NO chance of that happening ;o)

We’ll just feel good for now
wait for the next showing!


  1. At the risk of sounding corny, everything happens when we quit working so hard to make it happen. I told that to my daughter when she thought she would never meet that special someone. She's been married 16 years and has 4 children! She stopped looking and there he was :) (at least that's what she told me! :))
    It's there, it's going to happen and if they have a house to sell, so be it. They haven't written a offer with a contingency of sale so that's to your benefit. At least it's still on the market to show.
    If they like it well enough to actually put their home on the market, rest assured that they think it's priced right. Now they will work to make it happen.
    I have great faith in you guys :) Relax!

  2. Fingers crossed that a post in the near future (for you and Gin and Syl) reads "SOLD"!!!

  3. Hello, good luck with these new potential buyers. I've been a lurker for about 10 months and am so pleased for you that I'll come out of the shadows to say "good luck." I discovered your blog in January when we had to stay home to take care of my dad's estate (we'd planned to go to the Grand Canyon).
    We have a Pleasureway class B that could be the twin to yours. Another commonality is we're bicyclists and I've done a number of triathlons before we retired and I now ride and hike with my husband (he does not swim or run). No wonder I enjoy your blog so much!
    Thanks for all the good lessons about the RV lifestyle and I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  4. I love it! GREAT ANALOGY. The terrific looking girl everyone is afraid to ask out.

    It's been so long since I've bought or sold a house (30+years) that I don't this the usual way, you don't even put your house up for sale until you find something you want to buy and then you "hope" it will still be there?

    But remember Mike and Terri...same thing and they are on the road now so this really is good news that things seem to be picking up and you are at the top of the dance card.

    I'm thinking you'll have it sold by Silver River time. ((H))

  5. The market in our area in Northern VA (Prince William County, 30 miles west of DC) is heating up. We've seen increased viewing traffic and a bunch of homes sold. They are even building new houses!

    Hopefully those folks that love your home are in our neck of the woods and they sell quickly too.

  6. At least you were at the top of the list. We had that a few times when selling ours. In the end it went to someone who we did not even hear about until she made the offer.

  7. The people that bought our house waited until they made us an offer to put their house on the market. Our hopes were pretty dim that they'd sell it, but they did. And the people that like your house could sell theirs too! Never give up hope!

  8. Thanks to everyone for your words of encouragment. We too believe things are picking up. Perhaps the beautiful weather has something to do with it ;o))

  9. Great news. It sounds like things are looking up.

  10. The lady who bought our house had told her realtor that our house was the one - about a year before she made an offer. This is good news. Hang in there.

  11. Fingers, toes, and eyes are all crossed for you. Love that pretty girl analogy. Our house has the "pretty girl" syndrome at times too.

  12. We've seen the market pick up as well. I bet you'll have an offer before you know it!