Sunday Ride with a “New Bag!” - Sunday - July 10, 2011

It’s a catchy title ;o))

Nancy and I have been looking for a bag to hold her Nikon camera on her bicycle. Up until now, she only took my small Sony on bike rides. 

07 - Nancy's Camera
Nancy’s Camera and Zoom Lens

07b - Bill's Camera
Bill’s small Sony Camera next to Nancy’s Zoom Lens

We contacted Tim and Mary, owners of Grand Strand Bicycle and they were able to order one that they thought would work. They called on Friday and said the handle bar mounted bag had arrived. I took Nancy’s bike to their shop and they mounted it on the bike.

01 - Blue Streak with New Bag
Blue Streak (Nancy’s name for her bike) with its new Camera Bag!!  

02 - Bag Closeup
A couple close-up shots!!
02b - Bag Closeup w map case
The clear plastic insert will hole a map which will be great when we get out on some of the Rails to Trails!!

I took Nancy’s camera to make sure it would fit. It fit, but now we needed to try it out.

First things first – the bag came with a hard solid liner in the bottom and we thought the camera might bounce around in it. Nancy came up with a great solution – she cut a piece of 2” foam and trimmed out the foam to the shape of the camera and her extra lens. She put it in the case...PERFECT! !!!

04 - Foam Insert
05 - Nikon and Lense in Case
The Camera and Lens fits like a glove!!

The case also came with a couple of long straps that connect to the front forks near the axle for additional stability.
 03 - Stablility Straps Closeup
I guess the designers of the case really know what they’re doing as that also fit perfectly. Now for the test ride.

We left the house about 6:30 AM and pedaled the neighborhood before we ventured too far. We wanted to make sure there were no issues with the new bag. There were none so we took off and rode about 24 miles, averaging 12.3 mph for a great ride.

We stopped at Collins Creek Landing so Nancy could take a couple pictures.
08 - Bill Waiting
Bill waiting with bikes.

08b - view from landing
View up Collins Creek

08c - view from landing
Nice Dock

A little further along our ride, we spotted a hawk in the tree.  We stopped our bikes and Nancy got a photo, but realized she need her zoom lens.
10 - Hawk in Tree
Before she could switch lenses, the hawk got chased by a small bird. She still got a picture but not what she wanted.
10b - Hawk in flight

All in all it was a successful maiden ride with the “new bag”. Nancy decided that she also has room in her crossbar bag to carry my little camera.

06 - Bills Camera In Case
As most of you know, Nancy carries a camera almost everywhere we go, so I guess she’s thinking two cameras are better than one. We are now set for our rails to trails bike rides! Now, let’s get this house sold and we’re good to go!

Nancy here:  I absolutely LOVE the new camera bag!!! But I did learn that I will have my zoom lens on the camera when we start.  Also, I REALLY need the little camera to take pictures while we ride.  I can hold it in one hand and take those great shots from BEHIND Bill ;o)))


  1. We can't wait to see the great pictures you'll be able to get with all that camera equipment, even if there is an occasionally one of Bill's behind, er, I mean behind Bill. :c)

  2. Great bag! I have the same problem...the zoom is never on when I need it. Now I know why photographers use 2 cameras.

  3. Did you say you could take shots of Bill's behind?? :-)))

    New bag looks perfect. You are going to become a professional photographer for sure. Glad to see you are getting prep work done for your move to full timing and lots of rails to trails.

    I'd love to do more biking but everything here is either straight up or straight down.

  4. Looks like you found the perfect solution! I love my little camera that fits in my pocket. I'm waiting for someone to come out with one of those that zooms like your Nikon :)))!

    You are now one step closer to being ready to go...<>

  5. Glad to see that you have some new toys. We always enjoy your great photos.