YIKES!!! We've Been Invaded - May 11, 2011

As most of you know, we are trying desperately to sell our home.  In that regard, first impressions are everything!  Well, over the last two weeks, we have been invaded by the 'Mulch Throwing Begonia Snatcher' in our front flower beds ;o((

Every morning, when Bill goes out to get the paper, he is greeted by the mess these critters are making. 

 Not a good looking "First Impression!"

They just dig the begonias out and set them to the side???
After our walk or bike, we replant the Begonias and sweep the mulch back in place. 

We have try several deterrents so far. 

First, we applied hot pepper flakes to the beds...it had no effect. 

Next, we upped the anty to Cayenne Pepper...again they were not affected. 

Time to try chemical warfare, "Critter Ritter"... they laughed at us! 

So we decided to eradicate the food supply..."GrubEX"... that was a waste of time and money!!

Still not sure what this critter looks like, but we think it may resemble a mole, so our next step is Mole and Gopher deterrent spray... 

If that doesn't work, I am calling in the Marines!! 
Yes, Bill will be on sentry duty from sun down until sun up or
until we have destroyed all the
"Mulch Throwing Begonia Snatchers!!!!"


  1. Do you have raccoons in your part of SC? We had a similar problem in IN a few years ago. It was raccoons. Every night they would dig up the flowers from their pots and toss them on the deck. Every morning I would re-pot them and sweep up the mess. Nothing we did deterred the raccoons. Good luck on the all-night vigils :-)

  2. Very interesting...have you tried leaving the porch light on all night? Maybe they will only operate in darkness? Good luck! Will be interested to hear what it turns out to be.

  3. I know it is not funny, but your post did give me a smile. I hope while pulling an all night watch, he will be given some midrats! (midnight rations)

  4. Oh Good grief. Just what you don't need. Critters that are impossible to erradicate.

    Do take pictures of Bill on his watch and patrol. Sleeping bag? Or what? I can hardly wait to find out.


  5. I can see Bill now...with one of those miner hats, flashlight in hand. Watch out critters!!

  6. Hope Bill is well armed. You don't know what he might be facing and I'd hate to see him running away from the MTBS screaming like a girl!

  7. This is too funny! It must be moles...the grub ex may work in time. However, the Marines might be a good idea. Good luck!

    Laura Raber

  8. Just found out you can buy the Neckaroos at Wal-Mart, too, FYI. Roger tried to e-mail you a response about being on the border, but I don't think it went through (had a no-reply address on it). If you send us your e-mail, we can re-send it. rogerdianne26@yahoo.com -- Dianne