Sandy Island Kayak Trip and RV-Dreamers Visit - Friday - May 20, 2011

Nancy has been working a lot of hours in the heat at Home Depot. Today was one of her days off, so we decided to take the Seaeagle Kayak out for a leisurely paddle. Actually, I had paddled with my friend Bill on this same route yesterday and it was so nice, I was ready to go again!!

This week is Bike Week in Myrtle Beach. That means there are thousands of motorcycles cruising the streets around here. Most of the action is north of us, so we just headed south… just below Brookgreen Garden and launched the kayak at Sandy Island boat ramp.

Sandy Island Boat Landing - Photo Oct 2010

The weather was beautiful, a pleasant 75 degrees with very little wind – perfect for kayaking. We paddled towards Sandy Island, across the Inter-coastal Waterway.
Sandy Island from a distance - Photo Oct 2010

We have never been able to paddle over there before as the wind and wakes were always too strong. However, it was an easy paddle and we got all the way across to see the few building on the edge of Sandy Island. As usual, Nancy snapped quite a few pictures, but accidentally deleted them while downloading ;o((  Oh well, we will get more the next time!!

Later this afternoon, we had a call from Steve Conrad, one of our RV-Dreams friends. He and his wife Evin were in Myrtle Beach tending to family business. I gave them directions to our home and they came to visit for a couple hours before heading home to Winston-Salem, NC.
Steve and Evin - 2011 RV-Dreams Rally

We had a pleasant visit and swapped stories about the problems we are having trying to sell our houses, what RV’s we are looking at buying and how we are dealing with family issues. We have many similarities to our lives right now. Steve and Evin are very nice people and we are thankful to count them as friends. Our visit was short, but as always, we find lots of subject to laugh about. Today was no different… can’t wait until our visits occur out there on the road somewhere!!


  1. All of the RV-Dreamers that we've met are such nice folks. It makes for one big happy family. :)

  2. It's amazing how quickly that friendship bond forms with fellow RV-Dreamers.

  3. Nice to have a day off once and a while to enjoy the beauty of nature. Bill, hope you did most of the paddling, because Nancy deserves a rest after all those hours she's been working.

    Don't feel bad about those lost pictures, it happens to all of us eventually, just like sewer hose accidents... ;c)

  4. IMO it is the "likemindedness" that makes it so easy to build friendships with RV-Dreamers:o) A simple life with time for enjoying people, travel and nature seems to be the recurring theme!!

    Paul... you should know by now that most of the Sea Eagle Women have learned to paddle at the Linda Payne School of Kayaking ;o)))


  5. We need to get our Eagle out. If it would ever stop raining!!

  6. It sounds like it was a great day. RV-Dreamers do have a common bond and it's good to see Dreamers get together after the rally.

  7. We ran into Steve and Evin at a state park in NC about a week after the SC Rally. Such great people. We tried to get together when we were both in IN, but we were three hours apart. Good to see your picture of them.

  8. Sounds like a Great paddle. So sad I can't see the pictures. And you won't be there long enough to do it again. I know Bill the Salesman is going to get that house SOLD!

    Proud Graduate of the
    Linda Payne School of Sea Eagle Kayak Paddling