Huntington Beach, Part 1 - Monday - May 16, 2011

Nancy here:  I am trying to learn to use Live Writer to enter our blogs.  I am hoping it will make uploading photos easier!!  I have taken many wonderful wildlife photos in the last couple weeks at Huntington Beach State Park and thought they would provide a good way to check out Live Writer vs. Blogger for photos.  So if you love photos, especially of nature, hang around for the next 3 blogs ;o))

Click On Any Photo to ENLARGE
03 - Walk to Wetlands Viewing Platform
Walkway to Wetlands Viewing Platform

04 - Bee Closeup08 - Dragonfly
05 - View of Causeway
Viewing Platform and Causeway
06 - Cormorants
Cormorants Drying Off

07 - Cormorant Closeup
Up Close and Personal

09 - Causeway Alligator Sign
Alligator Information - click to enlarge

The following 3 photos were Alligators along the causeway.
09a - Causeway Alligator on bank
09b - Causeway Alligator on bank
09c - Causeway Alligator below Rice Trunk

09e - Causeway Great Egret Closeup
Great White Egret

09f1 - Causeway Great Egret caught fish
He caught his dinner!!

09f2 - Causeway Great Egret caught fish
He is flipping his dinner!!

09f3 - Causeway Great Egret caught fish
He is swallowing his dinner!!

09f4 - Causeway Great Egret caught fish
Talk about a LUMP in your throat!!!!!

09g - Causeway Great Blue Heron
Great Blue Heron

09h2 - Causeway Snowy Egret
Snowy Egret

11 - Pelicans

11a - Pelicans Overhead
Be careful ... don't look up ;o))

11c - Sanderling
Sanderling just clamming around!!

Well, I found uploading photos much easier in Live Writer.  It allowed me to do all of them at one time. :o)) Not nearly as easy in Blogger. Still need to learn how to set placement and text??  I posted this blog to Blogger as a draft and then did the text spacing and font adjustments within Blogger.  It will take time to figure it all out, but I am very pleased with the photo upload performance of Live Writer!!!


  1. Very nice pictures. I have to learn Live Writer as well. I have it on my laptop, but use my netbook more often, which doesn't have Windows 7 on it.

  2. I've used Live Writer for my blog from the beginning. I figure if I can do it, anyone can. Nice photos. Wish we were there!

  3. Great pictures! We still use Blogger. We thought about Live Writer, but we have a Mac, and it does not work on a Mac. Enjoy the learning curve.

  4. Beautiful pics -love the great white having dinner

  5. Love the lump in your throat. Looks like you did a great job. I'm seriously thinking about always doing my text in blogger so I can have my font of choice.

    But we'll see, I'm DETERMINED to get caught up to today so I posted 3 yesterday and I'm posting 3 tomorrow. Folks probably won't want to read that much but they are my memories and I'm tired of being behind. :-))


  6. I'm having problems commenting on your blog so I'm trying a different way. DOn't want you to think I've stopped reading the Enternal Teenagers blog!

    Paul and Marti R Sanity RV

  7. Paul and Marti...
    Are you back to sniffing those paint fumes again??

    If not, perhaps it is the residual affect of the aliens and the time machine ;o)) Our blog isn't quite sure who you are!!!

    Regardless, always glad to know you are out there:o))

  8. I think I might just try it out as well. I always seem to have trouble uploading pictures...they seem to have a mind of their own in blogger! Thanks for giving me the idea!