Invasion Update!! - Thursday - May 19, 2011

Well, we have tried our best to beat the Mulch Throwing Begonia Snatchers, but we are afraid they are just too much for us!!

Last Monday, we found these tracks....
Nancy check online and we feel certain we are dealing with racoons!!

We googled Raccoon Repellant and found a repellant recipe which was made up of Hot Sauce, Water and Dish Detergent.

We applied the mixture and thought we had won.  However, the next day all the Begonias were again dug out!!

So, we have just removed the Begonias and the racoons seem to have claimed victory and moved on...

So be on the just never know where
the MTBS will strike next!!


  1. Raccoons are SO cute, but can be sneaky!

  2. Wow. I wonder if it's just begonias? Maybe you should stick a marigold in there and see what happens...or not :)

  3. Back in the 1990s we lived in a house in a woods, and had the same problem with flowers we'd plant in the spring. Our problem WAS raccoons. Still don't know why they dug our flowers up -- maybe the new soil smelled good or something? Those definitely look like raccoon tracks to me!

  4. I sent a comment the last time, but I don't think it went through. Happens a lot to me. Anyway, we also had a raccoon invasion at on of our homes. They did the same thing, night after night -- always digging up the plants and tossing them on the deck. We solved the problem by leaving a small amount of dog food in the back corner of the yard, near the woods. The distraction led them away from the flowers.

  5. Nice to get to the bottom of the mystery. I didn't know raccons were so fond of flowers.

    How come they don't go after weeds and dandilions, something that would be useful.

    At least the "battle" is over.

  6. Well you could always have put in a fence about 4' high and 2 feet into the ground. Not sure it would have had curb appeal but you could have at least claimed victory. :-))

    I think Gail and Rick are on to something. Nobody likes the smell of marigolds. Do they????