Dancing with the Princesses - Monday - February 14, 2011

It’s been a couple of weeks or more since we’ve done a blog. Nancy and I have been busy doing some “not so neat” things the last two weeks. Nancy’s Mom was hospitalized for a number of things and so Nancy has been spending a lot of time running back and forth between the hospital and her Mom’s apartment to take care of her Mom’s cat. I basically have been in the background handling the financial stuff for her Mom as well as keeping our house spotless and in “show” condition for prospective buyers. Yesterday, her mother's condition improved enough to allow her to go home.  Hooray!!

On Friday, I drove up to our daughter’s house in Raleigh for the weekend. I built a few shelves for them in a room they are using for an office. With four young children to raise including home schooling, it leaves very little time to get projects like this done. That’s where Grandmom and Grandpop come into play. This time, however, Grandmom was busy tending to Great-Grandmom.

Friday night was an exciting night for for our grand daughters, Emily and Samantha. Their church was having a Father-Daughter Dance to celebrate Valentine's Day. Steve asked me to accompany him with the girls. I was thrilled to be asked and of course, I accepted.  The little ones were so pumped up about the dance. They wore their princess dresses complete with wrist corsages.  Unfortunately, the 'official photographer' Grandmom was not there and something went wrong with the camera.  We only have these 3 photos.


Grandpop and the Princesses!

Talk about a good time – we danced, ate cookies, danced and danced. I don’t know who was more tired – them or me, but, none of us needed a rocking to get some sleep when we got home.

Emily and Samantha spent most of Saturday telling their big brothers, Andrew and Daniel, and their Mom how much they danced. It’s one of those times for me that is difficult to describe. Dancing with the Princesses is the best description I can come up with. Steve (Julie’s husband) said to me that the girls would remember this forever. I’m not sure if they will, but, I will cherish the love and fun I shared with them for a long time.

I got back to Murrells Inlet about lunch time on Sunday. I had time to do a couple of loads of wash while Nancy was tending to her Mother. I know Nancy will need some much needed rest after this past week. We are both going to need it as this coming Friday we’re doing a 5k as part of the Myrtle Beach Marathon Weekend. We have both trained to do a power walk.

Stay tuned to find out if we finish. But, for now, I still have a big smile on my face. Not too many things can top the “Dancing with the Princesses.”

Happy Valentine’s Day!


  1. Love, love, love that Grandpa went to the dance with his Princesses. Way to go, Grandpa. This is something that be savored by all,and what an unforgettable night.

    Hoping Nancy's Mom makes a speedy recovery. Being the caregiver can be more exhausting than many realize!

    Hope you get a bite on that house soon. ~Marti (for both)

  2. Wow Bill! Smiling here just imagining your evening with your princesses! What a lovely memory for those little girls. You are all very lucky to have these times to share.

  3. Nancy, I hope your Mom continues to improve.
    Dancing with the Stars will have new contestants this year...Bill and the Princesses!

  4. Very, very, cool thing to do. How wonderful that you can share things like this with your grandkids.

  5. What a precious memory this will be for all three of you! Emily and Samantha are very lucky to have such a fun, involved, loving Grandpop!!

  6. Bill, I remember what excellent dancers you and Nancy are from the rally last year. Those little princesses had a wonderful dancing teacher and I'll bet they will remember that night forever :)
    Nancy, best wishes to your mom for a speedy recovery. You get some rest before your busy weekend begins!

  7. So glad to hear from you. Thought you had dropped into a black hole. But not happy to hear about Nancy's mother. Glad to know she is improving and back home again. I know that is important to her.

    I'm with Steve, I think these girls will remember dancing with Grandpop forever. Lucky you to have such Princesses.

    Good luck on your 5K. Nancy you are amazing!


  8. Thanks to all of you for the kind words and good wishes for Mom. I will see her shortly and pass them along.

    We are so fortunate to be part of the RV-Dreams Family and can't wait to see you again in April.

    Thanks for caring...

  9. So sorry to hear that Nancy's Mom was in the hospital..but glad to hear she is improving! Enjoy the Princesses...they grow up so quickly!
    Good luck on the 5K!!