The 5K – We Did It! - Friday - February, 18, 2011

Nancy and I signed up several months ago to compete/complete in a 5k race during the Myrtle Beach Marathon weekend. Every year the city of Myrtle Beach hosts a marathon weekend. Included in the events are a one mile family fun run, a 5k race, a half marathon, a full marathon and three different bike rides (15, 33 & 63 miles respectively).

In the past couple of years I’ve done the 5k and the 33 mile bike ride. Nancy trained to do the marathon (26.2 miles) last year. However, the marathon was cancelled due to a freak snow storm. I felt bad that Nancy wasn’t able to do the marathon. She took the disappointment in stride.

This year we had decided to powerwalk the 5k together. Nancy had made us each a fantastic gospel playlist for our Ipods for training and the race. As luck would have it, our training got side-tracked because of work, really crappy weather and Nancy’s Mom’s illness. We decided to do the race anyway and give it our best try.

The race is run at 7:00 pm and Nancy was scheduled to work early in the day.  That gave me a chance to do my pre-race workout and prep.
Stretching and Resting

Dressed and Ready

The weather was perfect – the stars were out, a full moon, no wind, and temperatures in the mid 60’s.

No Bill, that is NOT the starting line!!

We walked stride for stride, side by side at a brisk walking pace of less than 14 ½ minutes a mile. Our goal was to finish in less than 45 minutes for the 3.1 miles. That’s not a fast time if you are running, but, it’s a very respectable time if you are walking.

We did it!

We finished hand in hand with a time of 44 minutes 24 seconds. That is about a 4.2mph pace...we were happy with that!! When the unofficial results were printed out, Nancy’s time was a couple of seconds faster than mine.
She now has bragging rights – at least until the next one!

This morning Nancy had to go to work. Normally, we get up early and go watch the half marathon and marathon. The races start promptly at 6:30 AM. Today I went solo and as always experienced the real “high” from being in such a positive environment with all the competitors. It’s really a great feeling.

Now, we’re both a little tired.
Are we glad we did it? You betcha!
As I said to Nancy “You go girl!” 
There's always NEXT year ;o)


  1. Way to go you guys!! As I've said before, you two are such an inspiration!

  2. Congratulations! You could probably beat Nancy if they would let you ride your bike. Dianne would definitely beat me in the walking department. She gloats when she gets five strides ahead and I have to jog to catch up.

  3. Congratulations on your times!! You did it in under 45 minutes!!

  4. Congratulations you two! That is awesome!

  5. I have a niece who did the MB Marathon about 3 years ago. My nephew started training for it but this was after his injury in Iraq so that didn't last very long. That positive energy is something that y'all carry with you anyway. Stay safe.

  6. Love to see you kids up to something new and having so much fun...together! No wonder Nancy is much faster, she is still working and not loafing around in the recliner! ;c)

  7. I love the idea of a full moon race/walk! Good for Myrtle Beach and congrats to you two for doing it. Nancy, I stand in awe of just even planning to do a MARATHON. A ten miler is my best effort and I can't imagine how disappointed I would have been had I trained and it been cancelled. You really do GO GIRL!


  8. Congratulations on the 5k finish. 45 minutes sounds like a great time to me! :)