Our Special Day, Sunday - June 13, 2010

Today marks a special day for us. Forty years ago we were married in a small church in a small town in Pennsylvania. Looking back to where we began and remembering all the wonderful times we’ve enjoyed over the years; I can’t help but get excited about the days ahead of us.

We are blessed with two wonderful children, Julie and Brian, who have both grown into strong and caring adults. Our family has grown! We have a lovely daughter-in-law, Chris; a terrific son-in-law, Steve; along with four special grandchildren – Andrew, Daniel, Emily and Samantha.

It doesn’t get any better… or perhaps it can. The house is up for sale and our adventure into the next 40 years begins!!
So what did we do on our anniversary? We got up early, “Just Showed Up”, and rode bicycles through Market Commons and into Myrtle Beach State Park. I guess that doesn’t sound too romantic. However, for us, just being together, enjoying each other’s company and doing things we like to do is exactly what makes Nancy and I happy!

It was warm (about 90) but not uncomfortable yet as the sun was just coming up. As we pedaled, enjoying the sites, Nancy snapped a bunch of pictures along the way. Riding down Farrow Parkway (the main Road through Market Commons) then over to Myrtle Beach State Park.

Map of Ride: we started about in the middle rode to top of picture and turned around and rode to Myrtle Beach State Park and then returned to the middle.

Heading West on Farrow Parkway

Heading East on Farrow Parkway: Sun coming up!

Entering Myrtle Beach State Park

Myrtle Beach State Park Fishing Pier

Riding Along the Sand Dunes

View of Beach Looking South

View of Beach looking North toward Fishing Pier.

Bill waiting and unwilling to get sand in his bike shoes!!

This is a Sea Turtle Habitat and they try to educate the public
about the importance of maintaining the sand dunes.
(click on picture to enlarge)
Entrance to Myrtle Beach State Park Campground

Riding through the campground
Riding road from campground to fishing pier

We left the state park and headed back into Market Commons.  This time we rode through the business and residential section of the community. 
Townhomes with first floor office/business space

Market Commons Veterans Memorial
Entering Market Commons Business District

Beautiful Landscaping in Business District

Market Commons across from the walking/jogging trail and lake

We had to finish up and head to the car as Nancy had to go to work by 11am.  Normally, I play golf on Sunday afternoons when Nancy works, but it is already 97 degrees and that is just too hot. I know Nancy will be exhausted when she gets home since she has to work outside in the garden department at Home Depot – YUK!

I spent the afternoon doing some household chores: cleaning, doing the wash, watering the garden and lawn, etc. Not exciting stuff, but things that needed to be done.

Was it a SPECIAL DAY? It was forty years ago today that we started our life together and everyday has been special since then, so YES, it was a SPECIAL DAY!!

Happy Anniversary Honey!
I hope we have 40 more!!

Nancy here….
Just want to share how very lucky I am to be married to my best friend. Bill and I grew up together in a very small town. We attended the same church, schools, played sports together then as we do now. We just grew up together. I honestly do not remember a time when I did not know Bill. So I figure if your memories start about age 5…that means I have 55 years of memories of Bill. I cannot wait to have more years together and continue this wonderful adventure.

Happy Anniversary, Bill !!


  1. Awww..Happy Anniversary you two! I say it again, you two are very inspiring!

  2. Your anniversary blog: Loved it, loved it, loved it! What a wonderful life you two have had! I know another couple who grew up together like you did, and they celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary this year and are still going strong! Sometimes it is just meant to be.... -- Dianne

  3. We are from Penna. and are wondering what small town you are from. Chances are we know where it is.

    Jack and Nancy Mitchell-Felicita
    PS: Happy Anniversary

  4. Thanks for all the good wishes!!
    We were born and raised in Hatboro, 17 miles north of Philadelphia. Most of our families still live in that area.
    We moved to South Carolina in 1982.

  5. Happy Anniversary, Bill and Nancy!

    As already noted, you two are a truly inspiring couple.

    By the way, on your blog recommendation, just finished the book 'Younger Next Year' and am now recommending it to others.

    Best wishes for the next 40 years!

    Hugs, Ken and Cindy

  6. Thanks Cindy...so glad you enjoyed the book. I need to read it again every so often to keep me on track and headed in the right direction. I am about due again!!!

    Enjoying your blog and watching the renovations.....Nancy

  7. Congrates on your anniversary! You both are the eternal teenagers enjoying life. ;c)

  8. Sorry I am so late on this, but Congrats!!! 40 years is really impressive to me! Heidi and I just had our first anniversary yesterday :)

    The pictures are beautiful, looks like an amazing time!

    -Mike & Heidi
    97 Roadtrek 170P "Taj Ma Trek"