Cheraw State Park Camping - Sunday, Oct 17, 2010

Well, the end of this great weekend has come.  It was chilly when we got up this morning.  Nancy and I took one last walk along the boardwalk before packing up and heading back to Murrells Inlet.
Chilly walk on the Boardwalk

Road leading to the Campground Entrance

Campground Entrance and Dump Station

Entering the Campground

Bill and Chris getting ready to head home.

You know the weekend is over WHEN... 
You head to THE DUMP!!

We had a nice ride home and did a lot of reflecting on the wonderful weekend we just had with our good friends.  We know this is just the first of many great camping trips with Bill and Chris.  Thanks guys for a great time!!

However, when we got home we had another treat waiting for us.  Julie, our daughter, had taken advantage of our empty house for the weekend.  She came down for a "Mom's Getaway!"  She has four children, ages 3-10, and deserves at little time off now and then.  So glad she came our way and we had a chance to visit.  We finished all our camping leftovers for dinner and then headed out to the Garden City Fishing Pier.  Julie had been out there last evening and said they were catching fish like crazy.  She even saw a manatee swim under the bridge.  That is really rare in these parts.  She said it looked like a Volkswagen breaking the surf.......just so BIG!! 

Well, there was no manatee but they were catching fish, sometimes two at a time. 
Julie and Bill watching the fishermen

An interesting catch  ---  Flying Fish or Sea Robin
Interesting Hat  --  Gotta get one of those!

Pelicans in the Sun... Beautiful End to a Beautiful Weekend!

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  1. How nice to visit with your daughter, it's wonderful to spend time with them, they grow up too fast. Super picture of Julie and Bill!