Camping at Cheraw State Park - Thursday, Oct 14, 2010

Nancy here......
First let me apologies for taking so long to get this posted.  I managed to get some extra time off from work so we could go camping for 4 days.  However, that means playing catchup with life when we get back.  Bill managed to get the blog written, but I am just getting the time to get it posted.  He wrote just one blog covering 4 days, but I have decided to use my editorial discretion and just post one day at a time.  So here goes and hope you enjoy! May take a few days to get it all posted :o)

Nancy and I left Thursday to spend a long weekend at Cheraw State Park camping with our good friends, Bill and Chris.  The park is really nice.  There is the campground, a boat launch, a beautiful lake, hiking trails, boardwalk and even a gem of a golf course!

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Cheraw State Park, Cheraw, South Carolina

Bill, Bill, Nancy, Chris

Bill and Chris had purchased a Mercedes Diesel Sprinter Van which was converted to a Class B RV last January and this trip was their first camping trip.

Note from Nancy.......It is 8pm Wednesday night. I don't think this blog is supposed to get posted.  I just was notified that the image upload will be disabled for maintenance for a couple of hours...SHEEESH!!!  Time for bed, can't wait any longer.

5 am Thursday morning.... upload seems to working "somewhat" :o)
 Bill and Chris' Van

We both arrived mid afternoon on Thursday and got our campsites setup.
Our Campsites

Cheraw State Park is quite large, but the campground is small and very quiet.  There are only 16 sites and one belongs to the camp host. 
Camphost Site

There are 5 or 6 sites directly on the waterfront, but all the sites have a view of the beautiful lake.

View of Campground, left and right

Once we got settled in, we took a walk around the lake to the bridge over the dam.

Bridge over Dam

View downstream from the bridge.

We then continue to walk around the lake to the park office.
Boardwalk along lake to park office

Park Office

View of Lake from Park Office

After a simple dinner, we enjoyed a beautiful sunset and then built a campfire.
Bill told us this was the first time he had ever sat around a campfire. I think you can tell he was enjoying the experience.
Bill and Tess enjoying the campfire!

We talked about our plans for the weekend which included hiking, geocaching, kayaking, golfing, sightseeing, fishing and campfires. We somehow squeezed it all in while we enjoyed each others company.

Nancy here.........
It is almost 7am, 2 hours since I started to put the rest of today's post together.  Blogger has been a nightmare.  Uploading photos has been very difficult.  I had to upload one at a time and then I had to log off in-between each attempt.  Lots of other little issue with spacing and just things getting moved around on the post.  Is anyone else using blogger having some of the same problems or is it just this user??? At this rate, I will never get the rest of our weekend posted :o(


  1. Hey Nancy..I didn't have problems last night, but I didn't upload pictures either. I noticed they had the uploader down for a few hours though. Hopefully it will be resolved today :)

    Nice campground!!

  2. Nancy, you're my hero! Getting up at 5 am to work on your blog post. Of course at 5 am I'm already an hour into my commute.

    I had problems with pictures last night too, but I waited till tonight to post, I'm not as dedicated as you. ;c)

  3. Paul, I'm no hero...just like you I am up at 4 and need to get stuff done early since I usually work from 11am-8pm so the mornings are more like my nights. I will be glad to be retired so I can get up at a 'normal' time...where mornings are mornings and nights are nights :o)

  4. Oh yes Nancy, as I wrote in my email to you, I have been having horrid problems and it is taking FORever to do the blog. I've written to a couple of forums but all that seems to be posted are people complaining and no one from blogger seems to be paying any attention. I didn't notice any improvement after they did their "work" on it. Let me know if it gets better for you or you figure out how to make the picture part less painful.

    I'm enjoying your trip and would hate it if you couldn't get it all posted. Wonder if Mrs. Geek would know what's up??

  5. Nancy,
    Sometimes my posts publish perfectly, sometimes I have to go back and forth to correct spacing issues. Not sure why, but I do have issues sometimes, too. Blogger was doing maintenance for two hours, could be why your photos were a problem. I haven't had any issues with photos uploading, but I took care of my post early that day.

  6. Nice to know I am not alone.

    The only way I have found to speed things along is to down load all the photos I want to use to the blog at the same time. Then I type the text around the photos...
    copy, paste, push, pull...not a very easy way to write a blog.

    Once you down load, you have to log off and log back on to down load any more photos.

    Never use to be a problem to download one photo at a time.....NOT REAL THRILLED WITH THE FIX ;o(

  7. Sorry to hear about all the upload problems etc, but it was worth the wait! I enjoyed your post a lot! Very nice pics! Especially the sunset with the clouds reflecting in the water! Beautiful! Thanks for sharing it all! Looks like a great camp area!

    -Mike & Heidi
    97 Roadtrek 170P "Taj Ma Trek"