Nancy's First Group Ride - Saturday, August 7, 2010

As most of you know, I ride my bicycle with a group of cyclists every Saturday morning.  Today was special!  Nancy took her first ride with our group today.  I know she was very apprehensive and worried that she would hold the group back.  That apprehension turned out to be unfounded.  She rode right behind me and never missed a beat.  I think we've created a new group rider.  I know she'll do future rides with the group when she's not working.  Hooray for Nancy!

Nancy here...
I truly enjoyed the ride once I got over my fear of holding the group back.  They were all so much fun and we couldn't have had a prettier day to ride.  Thanks for the fun and allowing me to snap some photos. When just Bill and I ride, I carry the camera and snap photos as we ride.  Today, I was riding much faster than normal and thought I best leave photos for before and after the ride.  Perhaps when I get better and build more confidence, I'll get a few during the ride.

Bill pumping "Blue Streaks" tires.
I will have no excuses for not keeping up!

This is Richard looking cool!!  He will be leading the "B" group. 
Look at those skinny tires...that bike can fly!!

Riders getting ready

Here are a few pictures of the riders from "C" group. 
They are finished and feeling fine!!
Thanks to all of you for making this a FUN ride!!

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