I've Done the "Young Lad" In... Saturday, August 14, 2010

Nancy here........

I think I have finally pushed Bill to the breaking point.  He has been really working hard these past few weeks helping move mom.  Perhaps a little too hard!!  This morning, we went to the bike shop to join the Saturday morning bike ride.  All was well until Bill went to pump up the tires on my bike.  He pushed down on the pump, felt something grab in his back and could not straighten up!!  So, we packed up, got him home and are doing the "Hot/Cold, Ibuprofen, rest thing. 

Hopefully, in a day or two, whatever happened will clear up and he can get back to some activity.  If not, we will see about getting him checked out.  Now, you know Bill is a golfer and he cannot play today or tomorrow, but there was no way he was not going to see the tournament on TV this weekend. 

It never hurts to much for golf!!

Our original plan for the day, was to ride bikes and then go to Mom's old house.  We got the house listed with the realtor this week.  He suggested it needed to be pressure washed.  Bill was going to pressure wash the house and I was going to weed and trim bushes.  Well, the pressure wash will have to wait.  I did go over to trim and weed.  I no sooner started then it started to rain.  I guess we are just suppose to REST this weekend.  OK, we have got the message.  Rest it is!!  We'll be in touch and let you know how Bill is doing.  Hopefully, it is nothing serious and we will get back to normal in short order.


  1. Bill, so sorry your back is out - I've been there. Don't you find that when stressful things are finally done and you can relax, either your back goes out or you get a bad cold? I DO think someone is trying to tell us to rest for a while :) Take it easy... feel better soon.
    Nancy, what a huge undertaking moving your mom into a new location. My folks are 89 and going through that now. I'm too far away to help, thankfully I have a sister and brother close to them who are retired, and they are willing to help. Your Mom's new home looks really nice. I hope she's happy there!

  2. Bill - hope you feel better! I know how sore backs can be. Nancy - take this cue and take it easy yourself!


  3. Hey! Don't kill Bill off! You're gonna' need him on the road. After all, isn't hooking up a sewer hose a man's job? ;c)

    Rest easy Bill, don't over do it.

  4. I injured my back working at Amazon.com last fall. The pain traveled from my lower back down my right leg to my knee. I was pretty miserable until going to a chiropractor (for the first time). After 15 minutes of being jerked around, the pain went away and has not returned. Just an idea. Roger

  5. Thanks for all the good wishes!! Bill is already feeling improvement today. I think watching 12 hours of golf may have done the trick!

    Don't worry I am taking good care of Bill. There is NO WAY I AM TOUCHING THE SEWER HOSE!!

    Nurse Nancy.......

  6. Second the Chiropracter advice. I spent far too much time fiddling around with the orthopedic guys to no lasting benefit. Went to the chiropracter and in less than a month no more problem. Hope yours clears up on its own. I think of you guys riding every time I get on my new, thanks to you, bike.


  7. Just have to tell you that I check on you guys often and every time I see the title of this entry it makes me laugh out loud. Including just now so I had to say Way to go Nancy!! Done the "young lad" in.......I LOVE IT!!

  8. Thanks for checking on us!! Nice to know we have folks out there looking out for us youngens'...

    Bill is getting better. Just hard to get him to chill. He overdid already on Monday and it set him back on Tuesday. Today, he is doing better and is taking care!!

    It will be a couple weeks before he gets back to biking, but it has been so hot that taking a break is NOT a bad thing!!

  9. Glad to hear Bill is getting better. Make sure he stretches out his back in the morning before he gets up - it really does help (and hurts some, too) - but will help with tight muscles and muscle spasms. Can you tell? Been there, done that. Ouch! Marti (and Paul)