Back To Normal (Somewhat!) - Sunday, August 1, 2010

It's Sunday, the first of August, and Nancy said, "we've got to get back to normal."  I'm not sure we have a "Normal" but, I know she meant back to eating right, exercising regularly and just taking care of ourselves.

The last month or more, we have dedicated our efforts to help her mom move to The Lakes at Litchfield Senior Living Community.  Lots of packing, hauling, cleaning, and unpacking....trying to make it as easy as possible for Nancy's mom to settle in to her new residence.  At times, it has been exhausting.  At other times, it has been trying.  All said and done, the move has worn us out both physically and mentally.

SOOOOOOO.... today, we get back to basics!  We got up and out early, about 6am and rode our bicycles about 24 miles. 
Pumping up the tires...still dark outside!

Helmet on, Lights on and we are ready to roll !!

We started out in a very light mist.  By the time we got to Prince Creek (about 5 miles) it started to rain hard enough to make us pull over under some trees and wait for it to stop.

Waiting out the rain!

 The rest of the ride was rain free!! Today, we stopped at Collins Creek Landing and walked down the ramp to take a look around.  It is private property and " for residence and guest use only"  but, we weren't using it....only looking at it.  It looks like a great place to use the kayak....if only we were a resident or guest!!

Collins Creek Boat Ramp and Walkway to Dock

Collins Creek Boat Dock

View Down Collins Creek

View Up Collins Creek

We could hear the rumble of thunder and decided, we had better get closer to home in case it really started to get nasty.  Well, we hadn't been in the house more than a few minutes when the skies opened up!!
Views from front porch

While I was showering, Nancy made us a fruit smoothie, which we try to have every morning.  I'm never sure what she puts in them, not sure I want to know!  All I know is some are orange ... others are purple and they always taste great. She'll have to tell you what goes into the Vitamix!!

As usual, Nancy worked at Home Depot today.  However, the heavy rains ruled out my Sunday golf game.  I did go to Nancy's moms apartment to hang a door mirror and take care of a few financial things for her.  Then I  headed to her former home and began the task of cleaning it up so we can get it on the market.  I loaded the trash in my car and stopped at the recycling center on my way home. 

I finished the day by cleaning our bicycles from top to bottom......chains, gears, frames .....everything!!  With Nancy working seven straight days at Home Depot, we have to make time to exercise...I want our bicycles ready when we are.

We still have work to do getting mom's house ready to sell and hopefully that will happen in the next few weeks.  However, we also are making a conscious effort to take care of ourselves as well: plenty of rest, exercise and the right food.  Today, we got back to normal or at least somewhat normal.


  1. Haha, I know what you mean about normal. Sometimes it's hard to stay on track, but it always feels good to get back to it!

  2. Sems you "normal" life is fast paced. How long until you hit the road and slow down? Don't let Nancy wear herself out working 7 days a week!

  3. We have to work til next April :(

    Then hopefully things will slow down and we can just do the things we love to do.

    I don't work seven days a week, but in retail you work everyday not just Mon - Fri. No Weekends off. So I wound up with 7 in a row Fri, Sat, Sun from last week and Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs from this week. If we didn't need the medical benefits, I would go part-time, BUT....We Need The Benefits!!

    Can't wait til April gets here!!