The Good, The Bad and The Ugly - Friday - January 10, 2012

No, this is not a Clint Eastwood movie!! 
This is a Bill and Nancy Craigslist Adventure;o))

This past week the new owners of our house brought some of their friends over to see the home and they ended up buying a good bit of furniture and décor from us…WOW!! We were not expecting that!!!

After that, Nancy posted several of the remaining household items on Craigslist.  She had listed our Nordic Track Commercial  treadmill, the dining room table and chairs, a cedar chest, our tropical fish décor bathroom ensemble and my model ships. Ok, that’s the GOOD:o))

In short order, a guy who just moved here from Nebraska called and wanted the treadmill…Great!!  He showed up by himself with a 21 foot Ryder truck and the cash to buy the treadmill. I had already disassembled the treadmill and only the base remained upstairs in the bonus room.  We decided that if he got on the bottom and I guided the top, we could somehow slide the 200lb base down the carpeted stairs and make two turns with it???  Well, we got it to the first landing, no problem!!  Yeah, here comes the BAD!!  As we turned it to continue down the next section of stairs, the treadmill took off on its own…  It slid down, pushing the “Cornhusker” right off his feet and damaging the walls, the banister, the carpet and the woodwork.  Fortunately, he was not hurt!!!

Now for the UGLY…  I tried to hang on to the runaway treadmill and down I went with a wrenched back:o((  Should have listened to that little voice that kept telling me this was not a good idea!!

The treadmill broke internally and was now worthless.  The buyer did help us get it to the living room. Nancy and I spent the rest of the morning taking it apart to its bare bones so we can get it to the recycling center ;o((

We moved the broken parts to the front porch!01 - Treadmill broken down on porch

But all was not lost… Later in the day we did sell the dining room table and chairs, the cedar chest and we have people coming tomorrow to look at some other items. 

I, on the other hand, am applying ice and heat, can hardly move and still have to fix all the damage…but not today!!!

It only hurts when I move;o((
03 - It only hurts when I move

But soon I’ll be good as new…

You know they say you heal best when you sleep!!02 - Bill broken down on the floor
a guys gotta do...
what a guys gotta do!!


  1. Oh dear! That is awful. Thankfully the treadmill did not fall right on top of either of you. Could have been worse than a wrenched back.

    Mike and Dee

  2. Ouch! and what a bummer! Sure hope that back heals quickly! Then.... take it easy!

  3. Sorry to read about your back; been there done that. Too bad about the treadmill and the damage. Hope you feel better soon.
    For now have Nancy take care of you :)

  4. Oh my! Good thing the buyer of the treadmill didn't throw a fit. Take care of the back.

  5. Oh my! Good thing the buyer of the treadmill didn't throw a fit. Take care of the back.

  6. Ouch!! That's really a tough way to get rid of stuff! Take it easy. Enjoy that last day of Nancy.

  7. Oh NO! Back problems are "nagging". Let us know how you are doing. Looks painful.

    How had you planned to get a 200 lb treadmill down from an upstairs bonus room when you put it on Craig's List? Lots more help I guess.

    Well just a little bump in the road and Nancy will be around all the time now to help you get well. :-)

  8. Oh Bill! You have to tak it easy, we want you to survive to drive that new Journey.

    Both of us have bad backs so we feel you pain. Take it easy and get "back" to normal soon!

  9. Ouch! So sorry that happened. Hope you heal quickly Bill. Please be careful, you two! Nancy, have a good last day of work :) Yeah!!!

  10. Ouch! Painful in more ways than one ... the back being the worst. I had visions of what the ugly was going to be as soon as I read 'slide the 200lb base' ... almost had a similar situation with a desk we had to get down from the third floor to the basement when we were downsizing ... stopped the disaster in the nick of time at the cost of a sore wrist.

  11. ice, heat advil, ice, heat, advil, It will get better. We did the same thing when I decided we could move a computer desk downstairs for a garage sale. I had to patch the wall and the woodwork.

  12. Oh no! Sorry about your back Bill! Maybe McGyver should have invented some handy dandy treadmill moving device to assist with the move. ;-)
    Feel better soon. Happy Happy Joy Joy to you Nancy on your last day of work. Sure do wish we were down there so we could see your HUGE smile at HD today!

  13. Oh no! Hope your back gets better soon. You need to be in top shape for all the dancing you two will be doing when you hit the road. Seriously, take it easy for a while until you feel better.

  14. I hope your back gets better soon. That could have been much worse for both of you.

  15. Luckily the other guy didn't get hurt and you didn't get hurt anymore than you did. We all have those "DOH" moments. Another good campfire story...

    CHEERS Nancy to your retirement!!!

  16. Ron and Joan WestcottFebruary 13, 2012 at 11:00 AM

    Sorry to hear about your back injury Bill! I know from experience that they are no fun at all. Hope you're back in shape soon.

  17. This must be the "it's an adventure" part.

  18. Oh my gosh! That is terrible! Hope Bill heals fast! Sounds like the treadmill took on a life of it's own! :)

    Bruce and Laura