Gardens & Grandchildren - Tuesday - March 22, 2011

Our daughter Julie called and asked if I would build them a couple of raised beds so she could try and grow some vegetables. They have planted seeds in cups and are hoping to transplant them into the beds. Their veggies include radishes, lettuce, carrots, pumpkins, peppers and even some corn. Obviously, I said yes! It would give me a great opportunity to visit with the grandkids.

Julie, Emily, Samantha and I made a quick trip to Home Depot to get the necessary supplies. Nancy, being the garden guru that she is, had given me a “walk-thru” at the HD here and had laid out the specific details as to what and how much to put in the beds. So we picked up the garden soil, peat moss, lumber and netting (to keep the deer out) and back to their home we travelled.

We proceeded to build two 2’ x 6’ x 12” raised beds. I say we – the granddaughters handed me the nails, screws, hammer, etc. one at a time. It took a little longer this way, but, I could see they were having a ball helping Grandpop build the boxes. They couldn’t wait to “mix-up” the dirt with their hands.
We had the beds almost built, but, it was time to quit working for the day as all four of the grandchildren had swim lessons after dinner. I went with camera in tote and got to see all the kids swimming. Andrew and Daniel swam on the swim team last year. Emily will likely swim on the team this year as well. Even little Samantha, the three year old, would jump off the side of the pool into the water.




I think Julie and Steve are raising a "school" of children. It's great that they are learning to swim at a young age.

This morning we finished construction of the raised beds.
Laying the weed block.

Mixing the soil.

Bird netting to keep the deer out!

I know the kids favorite part was mixing up all the dirt, fertilizer and peat moss with their hands. They stayed on the side of the boxes with their hands digging as deep as they could mixing up the soil. I think they just love playing in the dirt. Julie laughed and said “maybe we should have built a sandbox.” Maybe next time. I really had a good time with all the “helpers” I had. I just hope they get to reap some benefits of their hard work and the veggies grow. I’m not the green thumb in the family – I just provide the labor!

On another subject, Selling Our House, our real estate agent hosted an “Open House” last Sunday from 1-4 PM. We had five couples visit and while all said it was a beautiful house – no offers or anything close to an offer appeared. One couple said the price was too high for them while the others all had houses or condos to sell before they are in a position to buy. Our home has been listed on the market since last June and even though we know it’s a tough time to sell we still are holding on to the theory that it only takes one to buy it. That can’t come soon enough for me. Nancy keeps repeating, “It will sell when it’s supposed to sell. Everything happens for a reason.” I know, of course, she’s right, but, that doesn’t make it any easier to wait.

Well, while we wait we will just enjoy things.  Like heading to The RV-Dreams Rally in Tennessee.  It is just a couple weeks away and we can't wait to see everyone from last year and meet the new people this year!!  We will just "ENJOY THE JOURNEY!!"


  1. I'm with ya' Bill, it is hard to wait. At least you can still have great times with your beautiful grandkids.

    They'll remember the time they built the garden beds with Grandpop all their lives. It's wonderful that you have the time to spend with them.

    We're keeping our fingers crossed for you that the one buyer you're looking for comes along soon. Just don't take the one buyer we're looking for! ;c)

  2. The gardens look very nice. Hope the rain comes at the right times this year.
    Just think of us Rally folks as your extended family. See y'all there!

  3. What fun times with your grandkids! I feel your pain on the sale of the house. I'm not getting many lookers now. My agent wants to have another open house, but since the house is empty now, I think it's kind of hopeless. Only one!

    See you in 2 weeks!!

  4. Glad to hear from you again. I was wondering what was happening. Now I see you've been making great memories.

    Can't wait to see you both.


  5. What a great grand-pop you are! Not many would be patient enough to build it one nail at a time. Precious memories, for sure. Hang in there about selling your house. It took Roger and I 18 months, but that just seems a distant memory now. Spring is here, and more people will get it into their heads to look around now.

  6. Sounds like you are keeping busy! Wish we could attend the Rally but unfortunately the timing is just not right...we have to be back in BC by this Thursday. Another time, perhaps...

  7. I hope you have a wonderful time in the Smokies, they are beautiful and it’s a good time to visit, not so many people yet. The timing of your comment was perfect. We are currently in Kentucky, at a state park called the “Kentucky Horse Park”. The night before a rig pulled in just a few sites down the row from us and I told Ellen that I intended to head on over to see if it was you two (from the distance, they seemed to look very similar to your pictures). Before I could talk to them, they pulled out early yesterday morning. Then of course your comment arrived and I found out you were in SC. Anyway, the coincidence was interesting. Safe travels to you this coming weekend.