2010 RV-Dreams Rally - Wed to Sun - April 7 to 11, 2010

2010 RV-Dreams Rally
We had made our minds up a year ago that we wanted to full-time in an RV again. Our decision was really a "No Brainer" for us as we love the travel, freedom, and simplicity that comes with that lifestyle. Having full-timed back in early 2000, we have some knowledge as to what is involved. However, we also know that we didn't do it quite "right." We never really got out of the vacation mode and into the living mode. We traveled much to much and burned out.
In early 2007, Nancy found the RV-Dreams web site. This site is about the full-timing adventures of Howard and Linda Payne.
In Oct '09, Nancy read they were planning the 2010 RV-Dreams Rally close to Myrtle Beach at Willow Tree Resort Campground in Longs, SC. That is only 30 miles from us--we looked at each other and at the same moment said, "We're Going!" This is our campsite and below is the campground lake and banquet hall where most activities took place. The rally, far exceeded our expectations. We attended EVERY seminar on the schedule. Topics included information on the emotional aspects of going to full-timing, pros and cons of all the various RVs, insurance needs, Internet connections, satellite TV and communications on the road, expenses, tires, inverters, solar panels, boondocking (setting up without electric, water or sewer), RV clubs, RV weights and safety issues, workcamping, choosing campgrounds -- just to name a few. Needless to say, we were inundated with information and have much to learn.

But, that's not to say it was all learning and no playing. Quite the contrary! I played golf the first day with several rally attendees. Nancy learned how to make beaded jewelry and braided t-shirts. We had pot luck meals, wonderful catered dinners, a chili cookoff, a evening of Family Feud RV Style and a 50's Sock Hop on the last evening.

There were 109 people who attended so we made many new friends.

They were all very helpful and shared their experiences --"The Good, The Bad and The Ugly!" Their upbeat attitude and enthusiasm helped reaffirm our decision to go full-timing. I need to thank Dee, a new full-timer, for the following collage of many of the great people we now call friends. We really feel part of the "RV-Dreams Family" and look forward to meeting up with RV-Dreamers as we travel.

The one recurring comment from those in the process of moving to full-time was, "we'll be full-timers as soon as we sell the house!" With the down turn of the real estate market, many full-timing dreams are on hold. So we know the next step for us -- SELL THE HOUSE!

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