The Final Post - Tuesday - January 1, 2013

Yes, this is the final post on our blog...
For the last 6 months or so, we have not been able to use Live Writer to upload our blog with photos.  The reason... we have exceeded our storage space on Google Picasa.  Every blog has its own Picasa acount, even if you don't start one.  If we want to continue with this blog, we need to BUY more space;o((  
You are given 1 gigabite of free space for each blog.  Picture size MATTERS!!  If you upload pictures that are 800x800 or less pixels, they do not count against your free space.  If your pictures are larger than that... the excess pixels count against your free space. 
When we started the blog, our pictures were 1000x 800, so we were using free space and didn't know it.  We found out we had used up the space when we could no longer upload photos through Live Writer.  We kept getting this crazy  "403error" message.  It took a bit of research to figure out what that message meant. Would have been nice, if Blogger had mentioned that little fact when we started to blog;o(( 
Since Nancy really prefers using Live Writer and I do not want to pay for more photo storage...
We just started a NEW blog!!

Just click on BILL and NANCY to go there.
Be sure to bookmark the new site,
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add us to your blog list.
See you there:o)))